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The forced convection oven for all your needs.

Temperature : max. 300°C 

The FRANCE ETUVES XU universal ovens are suitable for all applications for drying, heating, heat preservation, sterilization, component aging, curing or any other thermal test in laboratories and in all sectors of industry.

There are 8 standard volumes: 32, 58, 112, 225, 343, 490, 686 and 980 liters.







image A robust manufacturing that meets quality requirements.

The outer plates of the oven are made of electro galvanized steel coated with
white and blue paints.

The inner casing is made of bright polished stainless steel. Stainless steel is particularly corrosion resistant, allowing you to process higher water content products. 

The control panel is located on the top part of the oven for smallest space requirements. 

An access port is centered on the left side for passing cables or probes.
A silicone cork allows you to block the access port in case of non-use or to make airtight after passing cables.

The oven is equipped with an internal light activated by a switch located on the control panel.

The rounded corners of the inner casing make easier cleaning operations.
 An exceptionally
effective oven.

EXCELLENT INSULATION The thermal insulation by asbestos-free glass wool is optimized.
The outer casing is separated from the inner casing. There is no thermal bridge in order to ensure :
low surface temperatures,
low power consumption,
rapid heating up

Air tightness of the door is ensured by a long-lasting stabilized silicone seal. It is easily removable for an easy and quick cleaning. 

AN EFFICIENT HEATING Heating is ensured by sheathed stainless steel heating elements, ideally positioned in the air flow, allowing homogeneous heating up. 
An optimized ventilation for an 
amazing temperature homogeneity !

Ventilation is provided by one or two fan(s) motor. It speeds up the drying process and homogenizes heating in the working volume. Inside the oven, air is sucked by the impeller. It is heated by the heating elements, then is blown into the working volume. A speed controller on the control panel allows you to adjust fan speed. 

Adjustable air change
It is possible to create an air change inside the working volume. Thanks to an adjustment button, open more or less the flap of the air outlet(s) located at the backside of the oven. Hot air escapes from the air outlets and is replaced by ambient air.
You can connect the Ø 35 mm air outlet towards an extraction system.
  The C3000 temperature controller :
accuracy and reliability.

The C3000 temperature controller developped by FRANCE-ETUVES
is a highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor. 

Very efficient and extremely easy to use.
Measurement by PT100 sensor. PID electronic regulator.
Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

Functions :
- Setpoint display and that measured.
- Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
- Heat ramp.
- Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
- Repeat loop.
- Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
- Over temperature alarm.