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Conrete Test Equipment

Proceq is a global leader in the development and distribution of portable, non destructive concrete test equipment that enables contractors to improve their performance while lowering their costs for on-site investigations of concrete properties.

With the Profometer 5+ and the Canin+, Proceq presents an ideally matched package solution for the location and analysis of reinforcing bars in the concrete: after getting a clear picture of the reinforcement of the concrete with the rebar detection equipment the user is able to examine the corrosion potential with the corrosion analyzing equipment. With the Profoscope, Proceq combined a rebar detector and a concrete cover meter into one fully integrated, cordless instrument that stands out from traditional test equipment through its unique real-time rebar visualization. Proceq invented the OriginalSchmidt hammer, the world’s first and most widely used test equipment for concrete strength properties. The latest generation of test hammers, the SilverSchmidt ST/PC provides unmatched repeatability and combines the best of the OriginalSchmidt test equipment with state-of-the art technology.

Proceq continues the success story of the famous Pundit family with the Pundit Lab, the most versatile ultrasonic test equipment for concrete, featuring on-line data acquisition, waveform analysis and full remote control of all transmission parameters.  


Rebar Detection


Concrete Test Hammer
Miosture & Corrosion Analysis

Ultrasonic Testing

    Concrete Test Hammer
         Original Schmidt
Silver Schmidt
    Moisture & Corrosion Analysis
Rebar Detection
Profometer 5+
Ultrasonic Testing
         Pundit Lab
         Pundit Lab+
         Pundit LP-200
         Pundit LP-200PE
    Portable Dynamic Hardness Testing
         Equotip 3
         Equotip Bambino 2
         Equotip Piccolo 2
    Portable Static Dynamic Hardness Testing
         Equostat 3
   Thickness Gauge
         Zonotip +